Upland Birds

Origin: Quail are native to Mexico, the United States and the Caribbean. Pheasant are from China and East Asia. Chukar are native to the Middle East and Southern Asia.

Characteristics: Quail are characterized by their black and white heads, round shape, and gray tails. Pheasant can range from one to six pounds, and can be identified by their white ring neck, brown and black tail, and colorful head. Chukar are light brown with black and white markings on their face and wings.

Season: October - February 

Price: 4 or 8 Hunters, 2 Hunts Per Day

Quail Only: $1,550/Person Per Day

                       Unlimited Birds

Mixed Birds: $2,250/Person Per Day

                         Quail, Pheasant, and Chukar

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